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Handcrafted. Honest. Fresh. Real.

Made for you in Raleigh, NC


New Scents and Sizes Available!


All products are made from scratch.


Botanicals, herbs, natural colorants, and safe imitations. We pledge to be honest about our ingredients.


Why handcrafted body products? When you buy local, you buy fresh. The label says it all!


Old-fashioned techniques made modern.


I am obsessed with all the soaps! They smell amazing, my skin feels great, and I really like that I know each of the ingredients. So much love!

Emily M.

I loved the lip balms, but am even more in love with the soaps. I started the journey this year to learn more about our everyday products and how I can reduce the toxins in my home and most importantly, around my daughter. Finding a reliable, cost-effective baby wash and soap that we loved has been a challenge. As soon as I found something, it would be discontinued, or have a formula-change, or be so expensive I couldn’t make it work in my budget long-term. I was beyond excited to try the turmeric and calendula soap and the baby bars. I have started on the turmeric/calendula first and am so obsessed! All of the products offered are natural and more importantly, clean and toxin-free!

Rachel S.

I get bad chapped/windburnt lips during the track season and fall into the vicious cycle of chapstick abuse. After a tip from a friend, I ordered both the Orange Ginger and Chai balms and they are both awesome! I couldn't recommend them more!

Dan B.